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Melco N1ZH
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Author:  jimgrenfell [ Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  Melco N1ZH

Does anyone have a experience with the Melco N1ZH? If you like it why and if not why and other recommendations.



Author:  Ejcj [ Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Melco N1ZH

I've got the N1ZH in my personal system. I'm in the process of ripping my digital music onto the hard drive and of course doing lots of listening. I bought the melco and the buffalo blue ray drive recommended for ripping and playing a disc directly if you decide to do it. So an honest review. I love the sound of it though I have done two things and I should say that mine is the first generation model not the latest generation model. I added or use an audioquest jitter bug and an IFI usb 3.0 between the usb output and my dac, a Border patrol Dac that is limited to 24/96 files or cd. I don't have a ton of high res files but I do have a nice handful and I have had to convert them to 24/96 if they were higher but that is a dac issue not amelco issue. The new model now has a dedicated usb output that I believe is galvanized (isolated) to reduce noise and may not need the Jitterbug (USB 3.o). I love the sound of the combo. It is organic, immediate, detailed but very musical. I do have frustrations with it though. 1st, they don't have GUI(graphic User interface) and it's not Roon ready. There are several UpnP/DLNA aps that will work with it but all of them suck compared to roon or J-River and it won't work with either. The Arcam application worked the easiest and the fastest and I like a lot about it. Because the music list it creates is in the ap and not the machine you can listen to music through your device as well as though your stereo. You select the device you want to output sound to. The melco has three modes, hybrid, 0, 1 and for some apps you can set it to hybrid or o and for other aps you have to set it to 1. Ripping and meta data has been a hassle and I am not sure if the issue is the internet sources it uses, or the indexing that the apps do but I have over 400 cds and I ripped a bunch of jazz and a huge chunk of it got indexed as other genre's (I found some in electronic music for example) and that's frustrating and there isn't really an easy or sure way to fix it. I have resulted to ripping from two computers in my house, one by wifi and the other by ether net. using DB power amp, that way I can make sure the meta data is correct before I rip it. You have to find the melco on your network but its been working fine and has sped up ripping as I have two drives on one computer and a third drive on another. The Buffalo Blue ray drive sounds decent when you play discs but its clunky and switching back to normal mode was also not intuitive. I will probably always just rip a disc rather than just play it. The other apps that I use with it are the Lumen app, which worked from mode 1 and the Mconnect HD which I like because it also lets you use your tidal account. I have no idea why they haven't made this thing roon ready or include a roon account. If you are not going to invest the time do develop your own then it seems like the roon would be a no brainier. So in closing, the sound is fantastic with the jitterbug and usb 3.0 but the interfaces are frustrating for anyone with a large collection of their own music. The newer model probably doesn't need the jitterbug or the USB 3.0 but I can't say for sure. I hope that helps.

Author:  jimgrenfell [ Sat Feb 17, 2018 5:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Melco N1ZH

Thank you for the reply
Very well thought out

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