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PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:32 am 

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When I try to post images/photos:

1) Images transfer to USAM upside-down or image left or image right.
2) Images of speaker left and speaker right are detected by USAM as duplicates! They are not duplicates.

I am an experienced seller (other sites) and have never encountered these issues before.

How do you people deal with this?

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:25 am 

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I find on here sometimes it's easier to post the ad without pictures then go back and edit the ad and add the pictures.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:51 pm 
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birddogthecat - could you help us out by sending us a few of the photos that have this rotation problem? Please sending them as attachments to

I want to take a look at the orientation data in the photos.

Have you ever rotated the photos in an app like Windows Image preview? sometimes that can result in what you describe. Mobile apps that rotate images are also known to have this flaw depending on how diligent the app author is.

Anyway please take the images and send them to us and I'll take a closer look at the duplicate image detection as well.

MrAudio: Could you describe why you find you have to add the photos after the ad is created? What is the hold up when trying to add photos when first creating the ad?

Do Not Rotate Photos Before Uploading

The general rule is not to rotate any photos you take before you upload them. Many programs do not rotate photos properly and damage or forget to properly edit the photo data to indicate it has been rotated. USAM automatically rotates all photos for you regardless of what orientation you took the photo, but if a photo was improperly rotated by an app that doesn't handle image data correctly (such as Microsoft's Image Viewer in Windows 7) it will cause the photo to rotate out of the proper orientation once uploaded.

This is not a simple topic unfortunately. USAM supports auto orientation exactly like how your phone works, which means as long as the orientation data in the photo is correct the photo will appear the same when uploaded on USAM as viewed on your phone.
Sites which do not support proper auto orientation of images may require you to rotate your images before you upload them, but if you do so with an application that doesn't properly update the orientation data the result is the image will be rotated improperly when uploaded. Eventually all programs that allow you to rotate images will properly update orientation data in the photos, but unfortunately the Windows 7 Image Viewer is probably the worst and most used culprit for this problem, I do wish they would update the bug in Windows 7 (it is fixed in Windows 10, but no versions were updated to Windows 7 or older).

Once I get a copy of the photos in question I can test the photos in orientation aware and non-orientation aware programs to see what is going on.

Your photo of the Martin Logan Summit X for example was taken with an orientation called "6" which means the phone was held up right like you would use to read from it. That orientation data is what allows USAM and other sites with auto orientation handling to know how to show the image. If you used an app that is not orientation data aware, it would show the photo as sideways, and when you rotate it in such an app the photo will be right side up, but the orientation state would still be "6". So if you uploaded such a rotated image with orientation still at 6, the site would rotate it and the result is an improperly oriented photo. Instead, what the app should do is remove the orientation data, or else adjust it to reflect the rotation.

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