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Coincident Coincident Statement Phono Stage

[ http://www.coincidentspeaker.com/preamps.html ]Product Profile

The Coincident Statement Phono Preamplifier is a high gain, all tube unit employing the highest quality MC step up transformers to accommodate virtually all moving coil cartridges. Due to employing only 2 all tubegain stages, high gain is achieved with ultra low noise, the absence of microphonics or hum. The RIAA curve is passive, zero feedback utilizing the closest tolerance resistors and polystyrene capacitors to obtain accuracy of less than .1 db deviation from 20hz – 20khz.All coupling capacitors are the finest and most expensive Teflon Film and Foil.

The 66 db overall gain coupled with low output impedance and the use of the finest discrete resistor mono volume pots allows the Statement Phono Preamplifier to be directly connected to an amplifier without the use of a line stage. The inclusion of a line input, selectable by a front panel toggle switch, can accommodate a CD/SACD player or any other component, thereby obviating the need for a line stage.

There are no circuit boards nor connecting strips to degrade the signal transfer nor deteriorate further with time. Everything in the Statement Phono Preamplifier is hard wired with the shortest signal paths possible.

The separate power supply has enough capacity and energy storage to power a 100 watt amplifier. There are separate transformers for the high voltage and low filaments. Furthermore, the high and low voltage sections have independent choke and large capacity filtering. All power supply capacitors are the finest sounding, highest quality polypropylene. No poor sounding,cheap electrolytics to be found. The power supply is the highest standard possible and provides the foundation for the Statement Phono Stage.It weighs more than 41 lbs!

The build quality of the Statement Phono is the finest available. It was designed with no cost restraints and the highest priority placed on sonic performance. It represents an all out assault on the state of the art.

The design goal of the Coincident Statement Phono Preamplifier was to provide the purest, most transparent method of playing vinyl. There is no Phono Stage in existence that surpasses its combination of performance and construction. At its selling price, The Statement Phono has no peer.

User Reviews

Coincident Statement Phono Stage Review May 1, 2015

I am evaluating this unit as I will eventually end up with 4 arms and need another phono stage to go along with my AMR PH77. I will start by saying all evaluations were performed using my Kuzam 4 Point arm, MC Anna Cartridge and an Artisan Fidelity SP10 MK3 NG TT fed into my AMR DP777 used as a Preamp and my Graaf Modena amp feeding some modified Axis Voice Box Speakers. The music selection I used was Sade, Enya, Jennifer Warnes, FIM's Telarc 1812 Overture (Eric Kunzel Conducting) 1st...

By audiofun

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