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About US Audio Mart

Welcome to US Audio Mart, also known as USAM. US Audio Mart is a relatively young classifieds site for American audio enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade audio and hi-fi equipment. We launched on June 19th, 2012, and we're hoping to become a regular part of your hobby!

We are the largest free hifi classifieds site in America, and also the fastest growing hifi classifieds site in America. Starting in 2015, USAM now has over 150,000 audiophile monthly unique visitors who view over 1.7million pages on the site each month and post 400-500 hifi classifieds each week.

US Audio Mart is the sister site of CanuckAudioMart, Canada's largest and best Audio Classifieds site for over a decade. At CanuckAudioMart we've built up a huge following and at the request of our users and many of our friends in America, we've launched a new site to serve Americans. We also have a set of core values and ideals that puts the user and the site experience as the highest priorities. We care about our users, the site, and the community as a whole and we strive to work towards serving everyone in this community as best we can.

Our Mission and Core Ideals

For nearly a decade, our mission at sister site CanuckAudioMart has been to provide the best hifi destination possible for our users. Our site has always been about sharing information and providing a safe, pleasant and constructive environment for audio enthusiasts. This is the same mission we have at US Audio Mart. We've reproduced our Mission and Core Ideals below so our users can understand what we're trying to achieve and the why and how we're running the site. We hope these ideals inspire our users to join us in making USAM the best site of this type in America, and we know we are succeeding because we are the largest free hifi classifieds site, and the fastest growing, in the entire country.

Here at USAM, we're continuously looking for ways to improve the user experience for our community members and strive to be the best source for audio enthusiasts. We value user feedback and work hard to make this the best destination for your hifi needs. Our first and foremost concern is the user, the user experience, and providing a pleasant and positive place for everyone to share in this passion and hobby. Our moderators are actively helping members and our admin team are focussed on solving problems, improving the site, and making things easier, faster, or better for our users. If our users are happy then we are happy. If our users are successful and learning, then we are successful. It is a privilege to run the largest Hifi classified site in America and we don't take this responsibility lightly. We're in this together and to help each other, and we hope that our users will also join us and take up this ideal.

Thanks for all your support, patience, and your valued contributions to our site and community.

Used Audio, Used Stereo, and Other Goods

US Audio Mart is the perfect place to find, buy, sell, and trade used audio, used stereo, used amplifiers, and other second hand or special deals. If you have any type of consumer audio or video related product, find the best category on the site and place an ad. You might especially be interested in finding:

How does US Audio Mart work?

First, if you are already a CanuckAudioMart user, your account will work perfectly on US Audio Mart, and if you create an acount on US Audio Mart, you will be able to use CanuckAudioMart with that same account.

It is completely free to join US Audio Mart, and there will never be an obligation to pay to be a member of our community. For the time being, all classifieds are FREE for both hobbyists and commercial users!

US Audio Mart is FREE!