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USAM - a real alternative to AudioGon

USAudioMart is the first real alternative to AudioGon made for the audiophile community. Over the years running CanuckAudioMart, we've received many requests from American audiophiles to start up a similar site in the US. After much hard work, we launched the site on June 19th 2012 and have received amazing support from the community, but we still need your help to succeed!

Why USAudioMart?

  • We've been running a successful audio classifieds site for over 12 years, so we know how to do it right.
  • We listen to our users, and when evolving the site we make solid decisions based on what users want and need.
  • Our goal is to provide a great resource for audiophiles while keeping the lights on. Other sites focus heavily on monetisation.
  • We can verify a user's eBay and Audiogon identities, and import verified eBay and Audiogon feedback, and we have our own feedback system, so we're trying to build a community of trusted buyers and sellers.
  • Thanks to our core values, our dedication to our users, and the support and trust of ur users, we are largest free hifi classifieds site in America and the fastest growing hifi classifieds site in America
  • Most importantly, we treat this as a hobby first, and we care about it as much as you do

What you can do to help

USAM right now is really young, and 99% of the users out there don't know about us. Here's how you can help:

  • If you use Facebook and/or Twitter or other similar services let your friends know we've opened our doors. Remember to link to us when telling people about us!
  • If you read any webzines, online review sites, or paper magazines, help us by petitioning for those venues to write about us. I know some audio sites have been writing about AudioGon and its recent flaws, so offering an alternative backed by an already existing huge community would get us some great press!
  • If you too think we're a good AudioGon alternative, help spread the word and link to us, it doesn't hurt to link the words "AudioGon alternative" and "hifi classifieds" to our homepage. This will help search engines know what the purpose of our site is and ultimately spread the word.
  • If you frequent audio forums, other audio sites, etc, and it is allowed within their rules, please make a mention of us in those sites. If its possible to link to us from as many places as possible it helps to spread the word, and also it helps search engines find us and start telling people about us.
  • Never spam other people, and obey the forum rules of anywhere where you want to tell others about us
  • Post your classifieds and auctions here as well! Even if you continue to post to AudioGon, throw up your pieces on USAudioMart. Only through people using the site will we be able to build the momentum necessary to make this alternative real
We need to all work together to make this site a successful alternative to AudioGon. We might not ever be a replacement for AudioGon, but we definitely hope to co-exist with them as a great second place to check for audio and video classifieds. Please have patience with us, post your classifieds, respond to ads, and tell everyone about us. As large as the hobby is, its quite a small world, and word travels fast.

US Audio Mart is FREE!