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FOR SALE: JBL 4401 Two-Way Studio Monitors (And The REAL, Ultra Rare Metal Cradles/Wall Stands

Item #649429095
Info: JBL 4401 Two-Way Studio Monitors (And The REAL, Ultra Rare Metal Cradles/Wall Stands

Asking Price:
USD $599.99
Payment method: Cash, Paypal
Condition: 9 - Excellent (?)
Date Posted: Oct 08, 18 7:20am (PST)
Edited: Dec 10, 18 11:52am* Updated!
About Seller: BestSound
Oakley, CA
United States
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Also see my other offer between these symbols, below

Here's a "Dare" for you: I dare you to find a pair of JBL 4401 speakers together with their JBL MC-4401 Metal Cradles/Wall Stands, for sale - anywhere! It just isn't going to happen. . As you read through this Ad, keep in mind that listening to these, or any, JBL Speakers, is truly a privilege of "sound quality" and uniqueness unparalleled by any other speaker. This quality of sound, JBL has a long and storied past filled with many Patents and beliefs going back to it's namesake, James B. Lansing. No other company can compare, and rides upon the shoulders of JBL and the company he died to found. This, and for many, many other reasons, including its dedicated engineers, designers, and yes, "dreamers," among the many other employees since its inception, made JBL successful and gave JBL the ability to grow into the best speaker company it enjoys today with its high-end speakers. Nearly any other manufacturer owes their design basics to JBL - - a wonderful and historical accomplishment. Without JBL, these companies would surely be years behind where they are today - - but no better than JBL. Their efficiency, their reality of sound, their quality, can all be traced back to the designs and patents developed by JBL. Quite an accomplishment. Carry the gift forward with these, or any of the other JBL speakers, you'll find being sold on this site. You're buying quality. You're buying reality of sound. You're buying a design that has lasted for years, and you're buying a proud product that James (JBL) put his name to, along with all the other people who have called themselves "The JBL Family" over the years. Be a part, or a part again, of that Pride that has made JBL one of the most successful, long-lasting, companies ever from the 1950's through to today! This is what you're buying - - not just today's "flash-in-the-pan" fad as are most "here today, gone tomorrow" speaker companies. Listen to the realness, the detail. Just listen . . .

The REAL, AUTHENTIC, and ULTRA RARE "JBL MC-4401 Metal Cradles/Wall Stands" are here with these Model 4401 Speakers!! They come with these completely restored speakers - the JBL 4401 Near Field Monitors!

You'd be lucky to see the 'Ultra Rare' Mounts/Cradles by themselves, either - that's not an overstatement. Try finding a pair of these MC-4401 Cradles/Wall Stands anywhere else. These fully restored speakers are in excellent, like new, condition! Besides that, no one else is, or can, offer the MC-4401 Cradles/Wall Stands. They don't have them - - but I do. Go ahead - - try to find them anywhere! Send me the current, authentic, sales/selling Link. Again, it's not going to happen.

Remember, the MC-4401 Cradles/Wall Stands were DESIGNED by JBL for these speakers (and the JBL 4406 speakers) which have built-in screw holes for these Stands/Mounts on their sides. Any others are NOT DESIGNED for these speakers, requiring you to drill holes into the cabinets, and thereby, ruining their value; i.e., down-line buyers do not want ruined, customized, speakers -- they want originals and originality. There's lots of fake junk elsewhere, but I have the "Real McCoy's" for sale right here!

So, when your requirements require as close to perfection as you can get to, who do you look to for great vintage speakers? Bestsound, of course! I only sell the best of the Era because that's what I want and what you require - - regardless of the price. You're placing these in your home where there are other things of great expense. You don't want to mix your wonderful decor with other people's garbage, do you? Of course not. Also, if you believe these speakers are too expensive despite the fact that you have no facts to believe that they're too expensive, then just move on. You can't buy a "Ferrari 458 Speciale" for the price of a Toyota Corolla. Ah, but you'll try, and get nowhere - fast.

NEAR FIELD (N-F) LISTENING - The Small Room Dilemma
These JBL 4401 speakers are, and for what is referred to as, "Near Field" listening speakers. This Forum Message/Thread Post appeared at the link (at the end hereof) which is particularly helpful for understanding what this is and means, and means to you, to help you in making your decision to buy these exceptional JBL 4401 speakers and how to listen to them. One person mentioned only being able to listen in a 10 X 14 room which is, in my opinion, perfect for these speakers. It's just too bad that his Hi-Fi listening environment isn't larger like mine to accommodate speakers of the higher value and size of my four JBL 250Ti speakers, but some people live in a shoe-box environment which is unfortunate, like that writer, and all he'll ever have in life, but we all need our tunes and are unable to afford more or better. It takes many situations to make the World go around and JBL, as well as the writer, realized this reality and truth about the circumstances. It is a well-known fact that JBL speakers, like these, are used by the "communications" and "audio" industry more than any other brand of speaker; why is that? Well, it's because those who know, know and trust the accurate sound quality of JBL and it ain't Pioneer - Pioneer is the FOREMOST in "let's see how many Drivers we can stuff in a box" speaker!!

I try to accommodate everyone's tastes with the many JBL speakers and sizes I sell here on AudioMart. The final post, among all the good posts by everyone, sums up Near Field speakers and listening with this terrific, simple statement: "I’ve heard some amazing systems with near field setups." Get these speakers!! For good future reference, I copied this thread Post to remind myself of the facts made by the writers just in case views and facts "change." So, copy and paste this Link into your Browser and give this informative Forum Post a read: http://www.usaudiomart.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1348

INCORRECT WALL MOUNTS: Take a look at the incorrect wall mounts being sold on E-Pray at the Link at the end of this paragraph. First, the seller doesn't say what the Part/Model number is for his "wall mount." Second, the "mount" is only for a wall, and looks like something to be used for a computer monitor. Third, it's the wrong type of mount for speakers (look at the bolts). Fourth, this is a universal mount that would require non-JBL holes in the speakers, and Fifth, this catalog mount in the said ad is one that's found in a common catalog, and Sixth, notice how the seller doesn't show a picture or instructions showing a "mounted" speaker! And most important, it's NOT a JBL Cradle. This is so wrong, it's funny! Yeah right, the seller says it's "rare" - - unless you order it from a common catalog . . . NEED PROOF? Just Google JBL MC-4401 and you'll see my JBL Cradles/Wall Stands that are shown in this ad - - not that guy's phony hardware! He must have read my ad here on AudioMart!! And this is the type of dishonest seller you'd want to buy from?? Oh, puh-leeze!! And to "top it off," the seller is from New York and this is one of the reasons I won't deal with people from New York or the other Tri-State Area States (see below) They LIE and SCAM! They have no moral center and LIE for the sake of lying just to sell something!!

And then, for $335.00, there are THESE "beauties." (See Link at End of Paragraph) Here's what the seller writes in his Flea-Bay ad about his JBL 4401 speakers; read this: "They are in all original condition . . ." But, in the next breath he says, "There is one small chip in the Venere (sp) . . ." Gee, I guess JBL shipped these from the factory like he shows with this not-so "small chip"!!
Is this the new definition of "Original Condition"? Oh, it's not a "small chip" either - - it looks like a dog took a bite out of the speaker. What else is wrong with them that you can't see? Take a look at this Link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-4401-Control-studio-monitors-passive-in-beautiful-condition-/263687018888?item=263687018888&ViewItem=&nma=true&si=ifaw%252BFK%252FjC4DDsf6kDDR%252Fo5DJj0%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
If you buy those speakers, good luck repairing that MESS. It ain't easy, either! Oh, brother - - what some people are willing to say to sell their junk! "Original" "Small chip" Wow! Why couldn't the seller repair that damage? And, why would YOU want that damaged speaker in your home?? Did the speaker FALL and fall hard to do that kind of damage? I think it did, and that tells me there's a real good chance of internal damage to the speaker. So, you take the chance on that one, okay? Oh, and no MC-4401 Metal Cradles/Wall Stands. Ever tried repairing veneer? Exact fit problems, color matching problems, blending problems, and other problems that you haven't even thought about!

I have a "second quality" pair that I haven't really touched very much, and only partially restored, but they're in much better condition than the speakers you read about in the above paragraph - that's for sure!

No chunks of wood missing at the corners on these - just a few slight nicks and imperfect grilles (not bad, just not repaired to my otherwise fabulous selling standards at this point) but they both have their rare foilcals (very rare).

However, if you want them, I'll sell them un-restored. They do look good; e.g. no scratches or gouges. I was waiting to sell the ones in this ad, first. But, if you "really" want a "good" un-restored set of 4401's, I'll sell them to you for the very low price of $335.00, plus shipping. I haven't taken pictures, and they are in storage. No stands/mounts at this price -- they're not available anyway. So, let me know if you'd rather have these before I completely restore them and increase the price. They work excellent, of course. All else about them are terrific, including the grille foilcals. They work just fine and are better-looking than that guy's on E-Bay - that's for sure!! I mean, I bought them to fully restore, so they have to be decent, right? When you write to me about these, place the words ("second quality" pair) in the Subject Line. No returns on these. Well, actually, there's "no returns" on anything I sell.



NO, JBL HASN'T OFFERED THESE CRADLE/STANDS IN DECADES!! THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE. The "MC-4401" Cradles/Wall Stands were offered by JBL as an optional purchase for these speakers, but not required to use the speakers by a JBL buyer, like air conditioning in a 1966 Ford Mustang was optional but not required for the operation of the Mustang, but "Air" made driving better, just like these Cradles/Wall Stands make listening better. Well, here are the REAL JBL Cradles/Wall Stands for a buyer's particular use of the speakers. Some buyer's particular use will require the Cradles/Wall Stands, while other buyers will not need these Cradles/Wall Stands. But, if your particular use; e.g., hanging the speakers from a wall, they are so rare as an original part, it's incredible and this is a super opportunity to obtain these ultra rare parts for your particular use. Some people want, require, need, insist upon, original Cradles/Wall Stands rather than some other "homemade" method. You're thinking, "I can make those" - Um, no, you can't. Also, if you buy something not intended for these speakers from a hardware store, anything you buy will require you to drill non-JBL holes in the speakers, thus reducing their value (remember. "original, original, original.") There's nothing in the hardware store that will fit these speakers properly, and nothing in any catalog - - I've looked.

If you're such a person who must have the original JBL-made optional and super rare Cradles/Wall Stands, then they are now available for the discriminating buyer. For some, this option is not important. For others, certain buyers would never think of buying this model speaker without these original, JBL offered Cradles/Wall Stands. Well, here they are for the insistent type of buyer - of which I count myself as one.

My JBL-4401 Studio Monitors look and operate like NEW and were introduced to the recording industry in 1981, and used by that industry, and others, through 1986. Look, I understand you want the BEST and pay the least amount - - and that's why Craig's List and Flea-Bay exist. Go there. But, for the discriminating buyer who sees, appreciates and knows quality and was raised to buy the best possible item where price is not necessarily the dispositive factor, then these are the speakers for you.

Let me ask you a few quick questions. How many times have you read various sellers' ads that make excuses for the problems of their speakers? Like, "Excellent condition - just a few nicks or scratches that you won't even notice" or "No grilles, but you don't need them anyway" or "Just a little buzzing sound at low levels but you won't hear it at loud levels" or "I installed a driver from XYZ company, and you can't tell the difference" or other excuses, and then their price is still high! Sometimes, you just can't help but laugh when you look at their photos. When I read and see these problems, I see no "respect" that their JBL speakers deserved. Also, is this the definition of "excellent" nowadays? My prices are commensurate with the quality you'll receive with these, and all of the various models of speakers I sell here.

However, you won't read any excuses for the condition of my speakers. That's because all of my speakers, including these JBL 4401 speakers, are always hand refurbished and finished; they have no scratches, no nicks, no stains, no bullet holes, no gouges, have ALL been researched for genuineness and I have personally located original specification JBL parts (not Chinese!!), have their real grilles WITH their original foilcals (you don't see that very often) and simply, their expensive genuine JBL parts inside and throughout! Like I said, these speakers were rebuilt by hand, and brought back from oblivion and potential extinction. For example, just look at those sharp edges and corners. I don't sell incomplete, incorrect, or imperfect speakers like others do. Again, you won't see the name of any FOREIGN countries on my speakers' parts! Chinese parts are NOT the same as some sellers would want you to believe. I take the exhaustive time to research, locate and only buy original JBL parts. Sometimes (most times), original parts are very expensive and I don't have a choice. I will not settle for "bargain basement" foreign garbage as some people do; i.e., some sellers take advantage of some buyers' "ignorance." I have many models of JBL speakers "waiting in the wings" for expensive parts to become available. I could complete many of these speakers by using phony Chinese parts, but I won't do that. I take great pride in my "rebuild process" and JBL speakers in general. Vintage JBL's (30 years old and older) deserve their original parts; so, I will not release these speakers for sale until GENUINE JBL parts become available - - and those parts are usually expensive. That's the nature and reality of this (my) process. If I didn't care about these fabulous speakers, and only in selling, I could finish most of these speakers this week! But, I won't do it.

Here's a pair of JBL 4401 speakers on Flea-Bay for you to judge against mine. This is what I'm talking about - - take a look at the pictures of those JBL 4401 speakers at the Link at the end of this paragraph, and tell me, what's wrong? What's missing? (besides the Metal Stands/Wall Mounts) And, that seller still want's $399.00 plus shipping!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-Monitor-4401-Vintage-Control-Monitors-With-Grill-Front-Covers/152727695448?hash=item238f47b058:g:N04AAOSwe0NZ0weV
The seller also says: "Used but works" Well, aren't we lucky? With all the missing parts, that's a real "wonder!"
Funny, but the seller didn't even bother to wipe off the SPIDER WEBS before taking pictures!! No Respect for great speakers. Yea, I want to buy from that seller . . .
Answer honestly, if these are the model of JBL speakers you want in your home to look at every day, would you want those, or for a few dollars more, buy mine? Remember, you have to live with them.

And, here's what once was a (great?) pair of JBL 4401 grilles that are owned by someone who doesn't give a damn except to sell something he doesn't understand; i.e., the importance of complete grilles. He'd rather put a couple of bucks in his pocket; maybe gas money for his loud Harley-Davidson? https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/ele/d/jbl-4401-studio-monitor-part/6558665024.html
Look at the site location - - it's "the Dumping Ground!" This is a typical stereotype!

Or, you can buy these!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-4401-speaker-pair-Edge-New-article-exchange-USED-Working-Properly/263484687415?hash=item3d58e94437:g:fi0AAOSwWMhafBH
And at that price, you STILL don't get the Cradles/Stands! I guess somebody in Japan is putting their kid through "Sumo Wrestling" school or is looking to buy a Chevy with a loud engine!! Seriously, any bets whether those will EVER sell? I don't think the Japanese have a handle on their Yen versus Dollar "exchange rate". . . .

When you receive and remove my speakers from their shipping box, all I want to know is that you said "Wow!!" and "Wow" again when you listen to them. Their quality looks, condition and of course, sound quality is pure JBL and wonderful, just as JBL designed them and intended for near field monitoring in the studio. I take great pride in my workmanship to bring you the best possible vintage and genuine speakers. When you buy from me, you don't have to worry or be sorry. I refuse to sell second best. I need you as a happy repeat, and appreciative buyer and cheating buyers is a great way to lose future business! My speakers cost more, yes. Getting top quality usually does. And, with the exception of buying new and spending even more money, you don't need to worry or have to explain to your spouse (or Mommy) why you bought junk - - especially if you don't know how to make repairs!! ("Oh, heck, I can make repairs just as good as Bestsound" - - well, then I suggest you try, and go with my "good luck" - - it ain't easy) If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

There were always more expensive speakers in the marketplace, but none were better than JBL in giving more than the buyer had purchased or expected. To me, that was the "magic" of JBL and by rebuilding and refurbishing these and many other models, I'm attempting to bring that magic back before an otherwise great speaker meets its final demise - - the trash heap. Once a speaker is gone, all we'll have left are pictures and wondering what happened to a great speaker. Well, I care enough to be part of the fight against "extinction" of a great speaker model. Look for yourself at others being sold elsewhere. Those are, unfortunately, on their way out and all the seller cares about is selling. They are in bad shape; they are incomplete, and some don't use genuine JBL parts. Yet, those sellers are still asking for high prices. My price is proper for the reasons already discussed. Look at how I brought the grilles back to life! No pulls, no holes - - just gorgeous! And, best of all, genuine "foilcals" as when they were brand new! When do you see that?

My process, from beginning to end, takes lots of hand work, expense for parts, finding and obtaining rare genuine parts, with lots of study and attention to detail. Some people only see a speaker. I see a JBL work of art in both styling and sound. In these speakers I'm selling, I hope you see that attention to detail and purpose to bring these speakers "back" along with a willingness to appreciate them too, for as long as you own them and, hopefully, pass them to a new generation in your family who will likewise appreciate the same "magic" and wonder that JBL gave their first buyer/owner in their selling price who also said "Wow" all those years ago!

They were worth it then, and for me, and hopefully you, they are worth it now. Aren't these beautiful? If you are reading this ad, you may presume these incredible JBL 4401 Studio Monitor speakers with their JBL- MC4401 Stands/Wall Mounts are still available.

If you're thinking that these 4401 and 250Ti speakers started out looking and working as good as they are in the photos, you're sorely mistaken. All, and I mean all, of these speakers have been completely restored to "spec" by me so that we'd all be proud to show, and listen to them, in our homes - - just like I am with the incredible JBL 250Ti speakers! My friends and family just love my 250Ti speakers, and so will yours with the JBL 4401 speakers WITH their Stands/Wall Mounts!.

I accept cash or PayPal. I will only answer questions or statements having in reason and logic that I deem directly related to a potential purchase. I will ignore "Why" and/or "How come" questions. I will NOT respond to people who use G-Mail, and/or those who live in the Tri-State Area; i.e., New York, Connecticut, New Jersey. Shipping only to the Continental United States.

SELLING PRICES ARE FIRM. No Sales to G-Mail users, or residents of the Tri-State Area States. Shipping prices are FIRM. Insurance will be EXTRA CHARGE to the buyer. "Signature Required" will be EXTRA and paid by buyer. Any other fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Pick-up is highly suggested. Basic ground shipping starts at $75.00.

I had a very poor experience with a seller who spoke broken English, and had a difficult time with otherwise easy concepts. He required 2 and 3 explanations, and still got things wrong, requiring cancellation of the potential $3,000.00 purchase I wanted to make! Because of this, I refuse to go through that again even though I want an item very badly, or want to sell an item. I really tried; so to avoid future incidents . . . buyers (and sellers) MUST speak and write fluent English as I have had to deal with too many problems that stemmed from dealing with those who did not have a firm grasp on the English language. America is NUMBER ONE!! In short, I refuse to deal with anyone who came to this country on a floating door. Period.

If you're not sure with whom you're dealing, you truly owe it to yourself to read some of my Feedback comments - all GREEN!. My buyers love the way they're treated, love the speakers, etc., I've sold to them, and they love dealing with a "straight up" knowledgeable person - - as I am! Click on "Feedback Received."

Thanks for looking, reading and reviewing my terrific 100% POSITIVE Reviews too - ALL from this site!

And, thanks for considering buying the best, and I hope you do!


NO SHIPPING TO BUYERS IN THE BAY AREA OF CALIFORNIA. IN PERSON PICK UP IF YOU'RE WITHIN 40 MILES OF ME, ONE WAY - - NO EXCEPTIONS. Make the effort. I'm saving you big-time money by doing this. No Sales to G-Mail users, or residents of the Tri-State Area States. Otherwise, I ship to any State except the "Tri State" areas.

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For EVEN MORE choices for electronics that you will enjoy, click on "[other classified ads]" in the "About Seller" section close to the top of this page on the left side. Again, who knows? You might just surprise yourself . . . . or TAKE A LOOK AT EVERYTHING BESTSOUND IS SELLING, HERE:



The ultra rare MC-4401 metal Stands/Wall Mounts! I'll bet you can't find these anywhere but here. These are great for wall mounting the speakers for your surround system. These stands/wall mounts were made for, and designed for, these speakers. No other mounts will work properly.

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