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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are brief explanations for some of the questions that you may have about the US Audio Mart.


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Do I have to register first before I can use US Audio Mart?


If you are a buyer, you do not need to register to browse through classifieds and approach sellers about the item(s) they are offering for sale. Feel free to browse through sellers' classifieds and reply to them with inquiries. However, it is highly recommended that you register for an account as that gives you greater credibility as a buyer, and sellers are therefore more open to doing business with you.

As a seller, you need to register to get a user account before you can start to list to items for sale on US Audio Mart.

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How do I register?

Click on the "Register" link located on the top right hand corner of the US Audio Mart site. Then please proceed by filling out the entire form.

*Note: With all personal information submitted, you are given the option to display or not display the information to other users. Therefore, please fill out the form accurately. Information you submit will only be used by US Audio Mart to maintain our database and to verify users to prevent scammers. Your information will not be used by a 3rd party. You may read our Privacy Policy for further information.

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How much does it cost to use US Audio Mart?

US Audio Mart listings are FREE for all casual users. There are certain value added features which do cost money, but the basic classified listings are free to post for hobbyists who don't earn a revenue buying, selling, trading, or offering services related to hifi.

US Audio Mart is covering the cost of providing this service by selling advertising on the site, asking non casual users to support the site with a small yearly fee, and offering value add features like Highlighted Ads, Featured Ads, and Invoice Payments. Your support of our sponsors or by purchasing a banner ad for your business will keep US Audio Mart going. If you are using the site to list more than 7 classifieds a month, you will be asked to support us by paying a small fee, but otherwise, all hobby users will always list classifieds for free.

For more details on the value added fee based services on the site, please see here.

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How does this system work?

US Audio Mart is a hifi classifieds site and uses a similar principle to other classifieds sites:

  1. Users post classifieds listings, one post per item.
  2. Listings should contain a price, item title, item description, and some pictures
  3. Any visitors can browse any classifieds postings, and if they want to reply, they just click on the "Reply to Ad" link. This takes visitors to a reply form.
  4. When the form is submitted, it emails the owner of the classified ad with the full reply.
  5. From this point on, the seller and buyer communicate via email
Anyone is free to browse through classified postings on the main page of the site and by clicking on the "Classifieds" link located near the top middle section of the site.

However, if you plan on selling items, users must register and log in before they can post ads. Once registered and logged in, you will see the User Navigation Bar located on the top RH corner of every page of US Audio Mart. You will find links to your Profile, My Ads, Notifications, My Responses, and Log out.
  • Profile: To modify your personal information.
  • My Ads: To place new ads and view all the ads you have posted up. Users will be able to view all your ads and you will be able to edit your ads from one easy-to-use account.
  • Notifications: To add keywords (ex. product names, brand names, etc.) that you would like USAM to search for on the site, and then notify you once we find the listing.
  • My Responses: To view all responses you made to other users' ads.
  • Log Out: Make sure you log out after every session on US Audio Mart.

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Do I have to be a American to use US Audio Mart?

No. But your item(s) must be available in America. The point of this site is to sell and buy items within American borders to avoid customs, duties, and extra taxes. It's also advantageous if both buyer and sellers live in nearby areas to do in-person transactions so both parties' obligations are fulfilled instantaneously. Anyone, American or non-American, can be a buyer on US Audio Mart. However, in order to be a seller, you and your item must be situated in America.

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Do I have to use my real name when posting a message?

No. We encourage you to use your real name in the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields when you register, but these fields are not shown when you post an ad. Our system will display your username instead. We do suggest that your username matches the name you use on eBay and/or Audiogon or aother hifi sites so that its' easier for people to identify you.

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Why am I not receiving any emails from US Audio Mart?

Several email providers like Hotmail and Sympatico, filter out emails that they may consider junk mail or SPAM. When a user replies to your ad through our form, our servers sends an email to you as notification. Because this email account (DoNotReply@canuckaudiomart.com) comes from a web server mailing program, email providers sometimes identify it as "Junk Mail." Also some email providers identify text in email content that sound like junk mail as "Junk Mail."

*Important: You must put the following emails on your "safe" list or "whitelist":

  • sales@canuckaudiomart.com
  • webmaster@usaudiomart.com
  • notifications@usaudiomart.com
  • greetings@usaudiomart.com
  • DoNotReply@canuckaudiomart.com
  • newsletters@usaudiomart.com
All US Audio Mart emails come from one of those four accounts. Many email providers will allow you to identify safe lists that won't be classified as "Junk Mail." We set the reply address to the person posting the response, so when you hit "reply" to the email you will be replying to the interested party, not US Audio Mart.

Don't worry about any emails lost, we keep a record of all your responses and you can view them any time on each classified ad you have.

For more strategies on receiving our email please see this forum post titled "Receiving Email Reply Notifications".


If you are able to receive our other emails but are not getting instant emails when someone replies to your classifieds, please read "Why don't I get email replies when someone replies to my ad?".

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Why is everything in American dollars? American Flag

US Audio Mart is a place for Americans to buy and sell items from other Americans.

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What is the Gallery feature for?

The Gallery feature was created by US Audio Mart to enhance the "community feeling" of our enthusiasts. It is for users to upload images to their profiles to showcase their hifi, home theatre, car, audio items. (You will find this feature as a tab on "My Profile"). These are also displayed and rotated between users' galleries on the main page of the site in the lower left corner.

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How do I follow a member?

A Followed Members list, formerly known as User Hotlist, is a list of users whose ad listings are of interest to you, or just users who you want to keep an eye on because you've had positive experiences with them on US Audio Mart or have been recommended by other users. It's a place where we provide you quick links to their classifieds so you can easily bookmark them or check what new items they may have on sale (or want). This feature also displays the most recent ads of all your followed members on the front page of US Audio Mart when you log in.

There are 2 ways to follow a user:

  1. Go to the user's account by either making a search on their username (see the FAQ on "How do I perform a search finding users?" OR just click on the user's classified ads). Once on the user's account, click on the "Follow" button located near their profile information.
  2. OR
  3. Click on your "Profile" link located on your User Navigation Bar. Click on the "My Followed Members" tab. Type in the user's name and click on the "Follow user" button.

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How do I leave Feedback for another user?

If you are the buyer: To leave feedback for the seller, find the ad of the item that you purchased from that user. When looking at the ad, you should see either a link or large blue button that says "Give Feedback on This Seller". Click on that to leave feedback for the user.

If you cannot find the original ad from the user, there are 2 places where you can check:

  1. Search through your email for the words "Confirmation of Response" or any keywords related to the item you bought. Every time you respond to ad on the site we send you a confirmation email that contains a link to the ad in question.
  2. Go to your "Sent Responses" page on the site. If you replied to an ad while logged into your account, then you will find your response here and you can click on the ad to leave feedback.
  3. If you are the buyer, ask your seller to make a "Feedback reminder" request from their ad. They can do this from their ad list, or from the ad of the item they sold to you.

If you are the seller: Go to your ad list and look for the item that you sold. From the list you can click on the dropdown box and "Leave Feedback". If you cannot find your ad in this list, try to search your emails for the response from the buyer and click on the link from that email or go to your My Responses page which lists all replies to all your ads on the site.

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How do I edit/remove Feedback I already left?

If you made any errors in your Feedback you can edit them for up to 48 hours from the time you submitted the feedback. You can also remove any Feedback left within the past 6 months. To do either action:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Go to "My Feedback"
  3. Filter by "Left for Others"
  4. Look for the feedback you left within the past 48 hours and click Edit, or look for feedback you posted in the past 6 months for the "Remove" button.
The edit and edit buttons look like this, but will only show if the Feedback was left in the last 48 hours for Edit and the last 6 months for Remove.

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How does our feedback system work?

Each registered user has a feedback profile. Our feedback is based on receiving 3 different types of feedback: positive, neutral, and negative. A buyer can leave feedback for the seller, and a seller can leave feedback for the buyer. Our system counts the number of different types of feedback left on a user's account and displays the number of each type. As with most feedback systems, the higher number of positive feedback the more reliable the user is. It is recommended to check the user's feedback to read comments and look for negative remarks before making transactions with them.

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What are the feedback rules?

Please observe the following rules when leaving feedback. If you do not follow these rules your feedback may be DELETED!:

  • Only leave feedback in the ad that relates to your buy/sell/trade.
  • Only leave feedback for a deal where items/money have exchanged hands.
    • Do NOT leave feedback if a deal fails to go through
    • DO leave feedback if items are not as described
    • DO leave feedback if you never received your item or money in an exchange!
  • Do not swear or use strong language in feedback.
  • Do NOT leave phone numbers, home addresses, and other personal information of the user. Please leave this information as confidential.
  • Do NOT use feedback to warn users about OTHER exchanges you may have had with the user. Report those in our Negative feedback forum instead.
  • Do leave feedback anytime before 60 days since the expiration of the ad. Any feedback from either party left after 60 will be discarded.
  • If you suspect this person of fraud due to his emails or ads, report either his ads, or one of his replies, or post in our fraud forum.

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How come I can't leave feedback?

If you are viewing an ad and do not see a link to leave feedback, you may notice a message that says:

The feedback period is over for this ad, so feedback is no longer allowed.
Feedback can be left with an ad up to 60 days after that ad's expiration time (30, 60, or 180 days after the ad's creation, depending on what the ad creator designated). After this feedback period, feedback is no longer allowed on the expired ad.

We strongly suggest you encourage your buyers and sellers to provide feedback within this time period.

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I cannot find an ad to leave feedback.

If the ad creator sets the ad to OFF or SOLD status you will no longer be able to find the ad on their profile. There are several ways to find the ad to leave feedback in this situation:

  • When you respond to an ad, a copy of your response is emailed to you along with the link to the ad. Find this email, and use the link to leave feedback.
  • When you are logged in and respond to an ad, your response is saved in your account for 6 months. Go to the My Responses page where you can click on the ad even if it is OFF or SOLD.
  • Call or email your buyer/seller, and ask them to send you the link to the ad. They can still find the ad within their ad list (this will likely only be possible if you are leaving positive feedback).

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How come some users have Feedback from eBay or Audiogon?

US Audio Mart has the ability to verify the eBay identity of members using a secure and safe authentication connection to eBay itself. We can verify the Audiogon identity of members using another methodology that requires they log into Audiogon itself. When you see eBay or Audiogon credentials and feedback ratings on a member account it means that we have verified that this user owns that eBay or Audiogon account. Only after verification do we import eBay and/or Audiogon feedback summaries.

The total positive feedback count from external sites is displayed on classified ad pages and the user profile page. eBay feedback is updated every day but Audiogon feedback must be updated by manual request.

Please note that US Audio Mart does not use the "score" from external sites when we list Feedback counts. We consider the total positive Feedback. In the case of Audiogon we also include the full summary when you click on the Feedback count.

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How can I import feedback from external sites?

Sample eBay user feedback

US Audio Mart allows members to import feedback from eBay and Audiogon using the following steps.

  1. Click on the Import From eBay button on your account settings page.
  2. You will be taken to the official eBay site. Sign-in if necessary.
  3. Allow US Audio Mart to access your eBay profile by clicking I agree.
  4. Done! Your eBay feedback score will now be shown on US Audio Mart!

The feedback score will be displayed on your classified ad pages and user profile page. The feedback will be updated every day.

Audiogon authentication is temporarily unavailable. Please check back again.

The icon () means the member has successfully connected to his eBay/Audiogon account.

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How does US Audio Mart count the items sold and items purchased in the user feedback page?

Starting in March 2015, US Audio Mart shows a new statistic in the User Profile page that counts the Items Sold and Items Purchased on the site.

This number is inferred using the Feedback system by determining whether the Feedback that the User receives or leaves is on a classified they posted or on a classified posted by another user.

These numbers may add up to a total that is higher than the user's total Feedback score because it includes items that we found where the User left Feedback on an item but never got reciprocal feedback.

Items that a user marks as SOLD but for which they never received or gave any feedback do not add to this count.

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How do I change my username?

Usernames can only be changed for a $25 USD fee, payable using Paypal. There are no exceptions. Click here to edit your profile and click on the orange "Change username" button to start the self service username change; it is automated and occurs instantly. If you cannot use our automated service, please contact us via sales@canuckaudiomart.com and we'll give you instructions where to send the payment.

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How do I get an Ad Free experience?

You can upgrade your account to an Ad Free Account in user profile. You can also include an Ad Free option in your dealer / premium subscription. Please contact us via sales@canuckaudiomart.com for more information if you would like to include it in your current dealer / premium user account. Additionally, you can go edit your profile to turn off Ad Free mode whenever you would like to browse with banner ads with your Ad Free Account.

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Why am I considered a "new user"?

New users to the site are people who registered recently and don't have enough activity on the site. New users are required to submit 2 images for any classifieds posted. Users are not considered new anymore if they:

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What is PayPal/Credit Card connect for?

This is part of the Payments Processing system. If your buyer uses the optional Paypal payment processing on USAM itself, a small USAM fee of 1% is deducted from the amount remitted to your Paypal account.

This is part of the Payments Processing ecosystem, where sellers can invoice buyers from their classified replies. Buyers can then pay with PayPal / Credit Card directly on US Audio Mart if seller has properly added their PayPal or Stripe (Credit Card service) credentials on the site.

For PayPal, you will only need to connect your PayPal account. Users who have subscriptions paid with PayPal or have PayPal Verified status should already have their Paypal info in their account.

To accept Credit Card purchases on US Audio Mart, we use a credit card service called Stripe. You will need to create an account with Stripe and connect with our platform. Please click here to create an account.

If your buyers use the optional payment system on US Audio Mart to pay, the service fee is deducted from your payment by our platform. For Paypal payments made through the site, a small USAM platform fee is deducated through Paypal. The total fees for each service are:

  • PayPal: 3.9% - 4.9% + $0.30 of the total.
  • Credit Card: 3.9% + $0.30 of the total

In addition to being able to receive PayPal payments on USAM, by connecting your PayPal account, we can display your PayPal verified status in classifieds to increase user trust.

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What is PayPal verified status?

A verified PayPal account means the member has provided additional evidence of their identity to PayPal by passing key security checks and completing the PayPal Verification process. Verification increases the overall security of the PayPal network because most buyers prefer to do business with Verified sellers.

US Audio Mart members are able to show that they have a verified PayPal account on their profile by connecting their Paypal account to USAM. To complete this connection, please login and Set your PayPal status.

Note: We will only display your verified status. Your PayPal email will NOT be displayed to the public.

To check the PayPal verified status for other users you would like to deal with, you can use our Verify PayPal Status tool and enter the first name, last name and PayPal email.

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How do I post an ad?

Once registered and logged in, click on the "Place an Ad" link located near the top of the screen. Proceed to fill out the form with information regarding the item for sale. Once you have filled it out, click on the "Place Ad" button. You should then see confirmation text on the page if your ad was successfully posted. You can then continue to edit the ad if necessary.

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How do I reply to responses to my ad?

Communications between buyer and seller on US Audio Mart are done via email.

When someone responds to your ads the site will send you an email to your account's email address. To reply to these potential buyers, just reply to the email. Although the email responses appear to come from a US Audio Mart email address, the reply you write will be sent directly to your potential buyer.

It's also possible to view these replies in your My Responses page linked at the top of the site, and also from within the Ad that the user replied to. In case you don't receive the email alert about the response to your ad, or in case you don't know if they are receiving your replies, find the response in the My Responses page or in the Ad Replies section, and copy/paste the email address of the user into your email client to send them an email.

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How do I determine the Condition of my Item?

US Audio Mart uses the standardised Grading Scale adopted by other used hifi sites. This scale has a very strict definition of the condition of the items being sold, especailly for "New", "Mint", "Excellent" and "Very Good" conditions. Please refer to our Grading guide BEFORE you claim your item is of any particularly good condition, or you may receive Negative Feedback for not describing your item accurately.

See our complete Grading Scale description here and read it carefully.

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How do I modify my ad?

Once registered and logged in, click on the "My Ads" link on the User Navigation Bar located at the top right-hand corner of the site. You will be shown a list of all the ads you have posted. You are each given the option to "Manage Images", "Edit Ad" or "Mark as Sold". Just click on "Edit Ad" for the appropriate ad from that screen.

You will be taken to a form which has the current information from your ad which you have already filled in. Proceed to modify the fields accordingly. When finished, click on the "Update" button. You should then see confirmation text if your ad was successfully modified.

Note that Ad descriptions and captions can be freely modified for up to 12hours after they are posted. Afte rthis initial period, ad descriptions and captions can be expanded or changed slightly. You can also add "additional" information by using the "additional information" field when editing.

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How do I remove my ad?

Once registered and logged in, click on the "My Ads" link on the User Navigation Bar located in the top right-hand corner of the site. Click on "Edit Ad" of the appropriate ad and scroll until you see the "Ad display status" option. Select Ad display status as "Off" to pull your ad from circulation. You can always turn ads back on as long as they have not reached the maximum 180 day expiration.

Ads that are already SOLD or EXPIRED cannot be turned OFF, as they are also already out of circulation.

Note that Ads which are EXPIRED, OFF, or SOLD are not shown in the homepage, browse all pages, categories, or search results, but as the owner of the ad you will see up to 18 months of old ads when you look at your My Ads page. You can control what ads display to yourself in the My Ads page by toggling the ad types and months filters. Note that public users will always be able to see a list of the last 15 OFF/EXPIRED/SOLD items from the past 3 months in your profile.

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How do I mark my ad as "SOLD"?

Once registered and logged in, click on the "My Ads" link on the User Navigation Bar located in the top right-hand corner of the site. Click on "Edit Ad" of the appropriate ad and scroll until you see the "Ad display status" option. Select Ad display status as "Sold" to put it into SOLD mode. In SOLD mode your ad will not show up on the listings to the public, cannot be searched for, nor can anyone make any offers on the ad.

Note: As the creator of the ad, you will still be able to see your own SOLD ads listed in the classifieds, but no one else can see these.

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Why do I still see listings of "SOLD" items?

Items properly marked as sold are not shown to the public in the homepage, browse all pages, categories, or search results. As the creator of an ad, you will still be able to see your own SOLD ads listed in the classifieds and you can see up to the last 60 of each your SOLD, OFF and EXPIRED ads from the past 16 months in your profile ads page. The rest of the site members can only see the past 15 of these ads from the past 3 months of on your profile ads listings page.

If you see ads that appear to be "sold" but are still showing to the public in the category, browse, or search results, those ads have NOT been properly marked as SOLD by the seller.

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If I post an classified on US Audio Mart, will it also show up on the other Marts?

Items from US Audio Mart will sometimes show on our other marts. This is up to YOU as the ad poster, and the visitor on the other marts. If you want your ads to be visible on the other marts, edit your user profile, and select all the countries you are willing to ship to. Your classifieds will then be visible on any of the other marts as long as those users elect to view classifieds outside of their own country.

If users in the other Mart sites do not elect to show postings from other countries, there is still a section below the homepage, in all categories, and in search results that show listings from "Other AudioMarts". Sometimes searches in the US or Canadian site return no local results in their geographies, which means the only results shown will be those from US Audio Mart.

other audio mart listings shown in Canuck Audio Mart

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How do I add a "Buy It Now" button to my ad and how does it work?

Note about fees: When someone makes a purchase through "Buy It Now", USAM will take a 2% commission from the total paid amount (minimum $2).

Sellers who wish to use the "Buy It Now" system must connect to a valid verified Paypal address on their US Audio Mart account. You can do so when creating or editing a Classifieds by clicking the "Connect to Paypal" button in the submission form.

After you have connected your Paypal account, use the "Enable Buy It Now" checkbox to enable the feature. Your "Buy It Now" price is the price you list in your classified, and you must supply your shipping address and shipping prices and/or Local pickup details.

Users who want to "Buy It Now" must be registered members of US Audio Mart, supply their shipping address, and pay right on the site to complete the "Buy It Now" procedure. You will receive an email notificatoion that your item has sold along with the buyer's shipping address.

Remember to update your Buy It Now invoice with your shipping tracking number once you ship your item, and it will inform your Buyer. You can also use our convenient Shipping Label system to buy and print out a label and we will handle sending the tracking info to your buyer and they can track their package right on US Audio Mart.

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What are the benefits of adding a "Buy It Now" button to my ad?

Note about fees: When someone makes a purchase through "Buy It Now", USAM will take a 2% commission from the total paid amount (minimum $2).

"Buy It Now" is a feature requested by many sellers because it simplifies and streamlines the selling process, saves sellers time, and it opens up your pool of buyers significantly (some don't buyers don't want to negotiate, some are impulse buyers, and some like the convenience of the "Shopping Cart" like experience that BIN offers).

This is a completely optional feature and the Buy It Now button has proven to allow some sellers to sell their items at their desired price more quickly. In some cases, well priced items can sell through "Buy It Now" the same day they are listed, with almost no effort. Even a fast selling classified without "Buy It Now" requires a bit of back and forth in order to get shipping details, arrange payment, and discuss shipping.

"Buy It Now" is fast and convenient for Buyers and Sellers because the seller must set ahead of time their shipping costs, and buyers must supply shipping information and pay directly on the site to "Buy It Now".

"Buy It Now" is particularly powerful and convenient for higher volume sellers and Commercial users because these sellers are most capable of handling faster sales and the larger volumes that "Buy It Now" can unlock. For this reason, we highly recommend Commercial users and Dealers to take advantage of Buy It Now, and to price items reasonably to streamline sales through Buy It Now.

The site will create an invoice for your buyer, and you can update tracking information right on USAM and we will notify your buyer of the tracking number.

You can also use our convenient Shipping Label system to buy and print out a label and we will handle sending the tracking info to your buyer and they can track their package right on US Audio Mart. For "Buy It Now" purchases, we automatically fill out the shipping details so buying a label is a quick process. It truly streamlines the sales process significantly.

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What are the Seller fees for the "Buy It Now" feature?

"Buy It Now" is a fee based feature for sellers. When someone makes a purchase through "Buy It Now", USAM will take a 2% commission from the total paid amount. The minimum fee for "Buy It Now" is $2. This fee is deducted directly from the amount you receive in your Paypal account after the "Buy It Now" process is completed.

The "Buy It Now" fee only applies when your buyer pays with "Buy It Now", if they instead arrange for payment outside of "Buy It Now" you are not assessed any fees by USAM so you can continue to sell as before and enable "Buy It Now" only as an additional means of empowering certain buyers to buy in a different manner.

While "Buy It Now" is not a free service, many sellers will find that it greatly enhances their selling rate and opens your ad up to a larger pool of buyers. To read more about the Buy It Now benefits click here.

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How do I add images to my ads?

You can add up to 15 images of the item you're selling per ad.

There are two ways to upload images to an ad:
  1. Using the image uploader when you first post your ad.
  2. If you want to add images after the ad is posted, you can go to the "Image Manager" of the ad. To access this page, you can:
    • Visit "My Ads" and click "Manage Images" dropdown tools of the ad that you want to modify.
    • Visit your ad and click "Manage Images" on the row of tabs above the classified posting.
If you want to replace/remove images after an ad is posted, you can do so within 72 hours hours of an image being uploaded. To remove an image, go to the ad in question, and click the "Manage Images" tab to look for the Remove buttons. Only images that can be removed will have a Remove button. To replace an image, first remove the image being replaced, and then upload a new image to the ad.

  • Please upload a large version of your image with maximum size of 6016×6016. Up to 1200×825 image and 230×200 thumbnail will be created for you.
  • We only accept .GIF and .JPG files
  • The 60×60 icon that you see in the image uploader is for preview only.

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Why don't I get email replies when someone replies to my ad?

There are several things to check.

  • By default, US Audio Mart will email you immediately when you get a response to your classified, however, there is a profile setting that allows you to turn OFF email replies and only get a daily summary of replies instead. If you are not getting emails within a few minutes of a reply being sent to your classified, you should check this setting and change it. To toggle this setting, edit your profile and look for "Get Email Replies to My Classifieds", then change the setting to either delivery immediately or else both immediately and daily.
  • If the above setting is correct, you may not be properly receiving email from our system. This is a complex issue, you should refer to our FAQ entry "Why am I not receiving any emails from Canuck Audio Mart?"

Can I use HTML tags anywhere in my ad listings?

No. You can not use HTML tags in the body of the message. If you put HTML tags in your message, the system will just throw everything out in between the <>'s. You do have the option, however, of putting a link to a site with more information of your product in the "Information URL" field box on your ad's page.

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What should I put in the "Caption" text box?

Please describe the item that you are trying to sell in as much detail as you can. When posting a classified ad for audio equipment, tell people about the brand, model, how old they are, options, etc... Being honest about what you're selling will help avoid misunderstandings in the future. If you're posting a "Wanted Ad", tell people about the type of item you are looking for and if you can, be specific.

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Why didn't my classified ad show up in the search?

Your classified ad most likely did not show up because either you were in the wrong category (such as "Speakers" instead of "Home Theatre") or you specified search criteria that does not appear in your ad. If so, please verify that you selected the correct category and then broaden your search by leaving more of the search fields blank.

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How do I leave feedback for my buyer?

In order to leave feedback for the buyer, the buyer must leave you (the seller) feedback first. After the buyer has done so, in your own account, click on the link "User Feedback." Locate the feedback the buyer has left you for the specific item. The textbox located directly underneath the buyer's feedback is the space where you input your feedback for the buyer. Once finished, please click on the "Respond to Feedback" button to upload your text. You may edit accordingly and then press on the "Respond to Feedback" to update your response.

If you wish to remove your own feedback as a seller (to a buyer), you may click on the "Remove" link to do so.

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Why is there a limit of 5 classifieds per hour and 5 per 24 hours?

All user accounts have an hourly and a daily classifieds post limits. These limits exist to protect the site, and other users, from "floods" of classifieds by the same user. They also protect YOU, the poster of the classifieds, from being ignored by visitors. Through the years, visitors who follow the classifieds have expressed they do NOT want to see a flood of classifieds from the same users, as it deteriorates their shopping experience and hurts the variety on the site.

We ALL win, when US Audio Mart limits the number of classifieds each user posts per 24 hours, because of increase in variety of ads and also so that users who post fewer ads don't have their classifieds pushed out too quickly by more active users.

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Why am I prevented from posting more than 30 software albums per classified, 30 per day, 60 per month, and 120 per year?

All user accounts have daily, monthly, yearly and per classified software album limits. US Audio Mart is free for casual users and this philosophy extends to our software listings. If you need more quota than is currently available in your account, you can upgrade to a Premium or Premium+ account to list more albums.

Please click here for more information about the limits.

Please also be aware there are ways to stretch your free limits and make the most of them:

  1. If you wish to sell an entire lot of software for a single price to a single buyer, use the "Sell Multiple As One Lot" feature. When listing a software ad click "Multiple Albums" and then look for the "Sell Multiple As One Lot" tab.
  2. Mark individual albums as sold as you sell them. Sold albums won't count towards daily or monthly limits when you relist a multiple album software ad
  3. Relist software ads as they expire, relisted ads will use up daily and monthly album quotas but NOT count towards your yearly quota. So if you list 10 albums in an ad, and relist it 3 times, that counts as 10 albums for the year. If instead you list 10 albums in an ad, and create new listings for those 10 albums 3 more times, it counts as 40 albums listed.
  4. As you mark albums as sold from a multiple album listing, you can consider consolidating albums from multiple ads into a single ad by moving the unsold sotware to a new listing. To do so, create a new software ad, select "Multiple Albums", then look for a button that says "Move from another Ad".

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How can I make my ads stand out more? How can I get my ad "Featured"?

You can upgrade your classified ads to have them get more attention. We offer two options: feature and highlight.

Featured Classified Includes: (Ad are required to have at least 3 images to be featured)

  • Featured on Homepage for 5 days
  • Featured on Category page for 30 days
  • Featured in 1 weekly newsletter sent to over 14,000 American hifi subscribers
  • Listed in our "Featured" page for 30 days

The following is an example of featured ads:

Featured Ad Display

Highlighted Classified Includes:

  • Highlighted in browse ad page, the category and user ad page for the lifetime of the ad
  • Highlighted in search results for the lifetime of the ad

The following is an example of highlighted ads:

Highlighted Ad Display

Upgrade your Classifieds

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When can I Feature my Ad again?

Once an Ad is Featured it will stay Featured on the Homepage for 5 days and in its respective category for 30 days. Users may Feature their ad again 5 days after it is first featured, which is when it leaves the Homepage.

Featured ads that are set to auto-recur will Feature themselves after 30 days. For Featured ads set to auto-recur, you can manually re-Feature the ad after 5 days but not without 3 days of the re-curring date.

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Can I invoice my buyers directly on US Audio Mart?

Note: While Invoices are free to use and issue on the site, they do contain a Payments Processing option for your buyer. If your buyer pays through Paypal on USAM there will be a small USAM fee of 1% deducted from the payment remitted to you.

Yes! Sellers can create an invoice for their buyer directly on the site. You should see a "Create and Send Invoice" button on each of the replies in your classified.

Clicking on this button will direct you to an invoice form, where you can enter your details, your buyer's details and your item details (USAM tries to prefill as many of these for you as possible to simplify the process).

Once you click 'Save and Send', your invoice will be saved and an email notification of the invoice will be sent to the buyer.

Additional information about invoices on USAM:

  • You can view/edit non paid invoices in your Request Invoices under your My Sales.
  • To create invoices, you must either supply your Paypal address or create a "Stripe" credit card payment platform account, which allows you to receive Credit Card Payments.
  • Payment Collection: Your buyer can optionally pay your Invoice directly on USAM which will mark your invoice as Paid and send you a notification email. Note that service fees will be collected by Stripe or Paypal when your buyer uses these services, including a small USAM platform fee. You can see the fees details under the FAQ entry about Credit Card/Paypal connections
  • Shipping Tracking: When you ship your item, you can update your invoice to indicate it has shipped, and provide tracking information which will be sent directly to your buyer.
  • The invoice system in USAM streamlines the buyer and seller experience, making it easier to invoice your buyers. Buyers feel more comfortable receiving an invoice from our platform and you can streamline your process by managing and tracking invoices, payments, and shipping.
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Are there any seller fees on US Audio Mart?

There are no listing fees, closing fees, or commissions on basic classified ads. There are no subscription fees for hobbyists and casual users selling for personal use, but we do require paid accounts for higher volume users, commercial businesses, and users who sell or trade in an effort to make money.

There are a number of value added features which do require fees:

  • Classifieds can be Featured on the homepage and our newsletter for a small fee. Learn more about Featured Ads here
  • Classifieds can be Highlighted for a small, one time fee. Highlighting is shown in search results and browsing, and is for the lifetime of the ad (including relisting). Learn more about Highlighted ads here
  • If you use our Invoices system to invoice your buyer, and if your buyer pays through our Paypal Payments system on the site by clicking a payment link on the invoice, we add a small Platform Fee deducted from the amount that is remitted to your Paypal account. Please see here for details on our Payments Processing and all fees.
  • If you enable "Buy It Now" in a Classified, and someone pays for your item through "Buy It Now", USAM will take a 2% commission from the total paid amount.
  • If you wish to use our Auctions, you must pay a listing fee and a closing fee. Fees are described in the Auction listing creation page.
  • If you are a commercial business, dealer, manufacturer, or service provider you must get a paid Commercial or Dealer account in order to post ads
  • If you are using the site for anything aside from a personal hobby, buying and selling items that you personally use for your own listening hobby, you must get a paid commercial account.
  • If you are using more than the quota for free ads, you may need to upgrade to a Premium User account to continue listing
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How do I contact someone who has posted a classified ad?

All of the classified ads will have a "Reply to Ad" link located on top of the Description of the ad. Please click on the link, and you will be directed to a form where you can send an email to the user. You and the seller may then communicate through your regular email program.

*Note: If you do not receive a response within a few days, it may be for a couple reasons. First of all, a seller may not have checked their email recently, as they have been on vacation or are just busy. Otherwise, another reason may be that a seller is already in negotiations with a potential buyer, and will not be responding to any further inquiries. As a courtesy we encourage all buyers and sellers to reply to all communications.

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How do I buy an item on US Audio Mart?

Buying items in classifieds is very simple: First, contact the seller by using the "Reply to Ad" link located at the top of the ad. Use this form to send your questions and offers to the seller, and they reply to you via email. You work out pricing, shipping, and other details through email communication. Then ask the seller for a Paypal invoice or other method of payment. The entire transaction is done outside of the site.

Important: New users should be careful and review our Safety Tips as well as our guide on avoiding scams.

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How do I perform a search on products?

On the left hand navigation menu near the top, you will find a section called "Search Classifieds." In the text box, type in the brand name, product type, or any other descriptive feature and hit "Search." Your search results will be displayed subsequently on the page.

You may also make an Advanced Search by clicking on the "Advanced Search" link to narrow down your search criteria based on keywords, category, type, state, photo available, etc...

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If I want to view only Private Ads or only Dealer Ads, can I limit my search?

If you would like to see only Private Classified Ads, or only Dealer Ads, you can do so by selecting the "Advanced Search" link on the left navigation menu.
The third option down on the Search Form is Type - this is where you specify the Type of ads you would like to see. It defaults to All, but you can click on the down arrow at the right of the input box and select the Type of classified ad you wish to see. This will apply a "filter" on the database, and only the Type of ad you select will be returned in the search results.

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Why didn't my search turn up any hits?

Your search criteria may have been too narrow. Go back to the Search form and leave more of the search fields blank, or just click on the "Search for Matching Ads" button and do a general search. For the broadest possible search, simply click on the "Browse All Ads" button.

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How do I perform a search finding users?

On the left hand navigation menu, you will find a section called "Find User." In the text box, type in the username or business name and hit "Search." Your search results will be displayed subsequently on the page.

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How do I leave feedback for the seller?

Above each classified ad Description, there is a link "Give Feedback On User." To respond to a specific ad consisting of the item you purchased, please click on the "Give Feedback on User" link, and you will be directed to a feedback form. *Note: In a complete transaction, the buyer must leave feedback for the seller first. The seller will then be able to leave feedback on the buyer by responding to the buyer's feedback which is now located on the seller's account.

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How do I allow potential buyers to calculate shipping cost on my ad?

For the convenience of buyers and sellers, US Audio Mart has a shipping calculator that uses a listed item's weight and shipping dimensions to calculate estimated shipping costs to different destinations. If you want to let your buyers see the shipping calculator you must fill in the shipping weight and dimensions when creating or editing your ad.

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Is there Warranty and what are Return Policies?

In our markeptlace you are making transactions with individual sellers where transactions are between two private parties just like on other Classifieds sites. Most of the items in our marketplace are sold by private sellers and are used. These items usually do not have warranty and you are buying them AS IS. If a seller claims there is warranty left on an item it is your responsibility to verify that (and possibly request documentation such as an invoice or registration card which might be necessary to transfer warranties). If you believe there is warranty left on an item, make sure to find out about the brand's warranty policies and if necessary verify with the brand whether the specific item in question is still under warranty. Some brands do this if you have the Serial number and contact them to inquire about the warranty status.

Sellers are not required to offer returns as a condition of listing items on our marketplace, although you may be able to talk to the seller if items received are not as described. Read descriptions carefully and ask questions of the seller so you are well informed before buying. If you are buying from a Dealer or Commercial user in our marketplace you must ask them about their return policy and warranty information about the specific item before making a purchase.

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How do I allow potential buyers to calculate shipping cost on my ad?

For the convenience of buyers and sellers, US Audio Mart has a shipping calculator that uses a listed item's weight and shipping dimensions to calculate estimated shipping costs to different destinations. If you want to let your buyers see the shipping calculator you must fill in the shipping weight and dimensions when creating or editing your ad.

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How does US Audio Mart estimate the shipping cost in the shipping calculator?

The shipping calculator uses the shipping weight and dimensions as provided by the seller in the ad. You can edit these values as you see fit. It also takes the shipping origin from the ad owner's address, and it will auto fill your zipcode if you are logged in. The prices and services offered are calculated straight from Fedex, UPS, USPS, and CanadaPost but only the services that apply to the origin and destination that you selected will show.

Prices listed in the shipping calculator are the actual prices of buying the label from US Audio Mart as long as the weight, dimensions and locations are correct. We have partnered with and provide labels for the major carriers: Fedex, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post and the labels are generated directly by the respective carriers. For details on how to use your label that you print from US Audio Mart please click here.

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What are Shipping Labels from US Audio Mart and how can I use them?

Prepaid Shipping Labels is a feature that lets you pay for a shipment right on US Audio Mart. We have partnered with and sell labels from the major carriers:

US Postal Service   Fedex   UPS

Labels purchased from US Audio Mart can be used right away and include a barcode for easy drop offs at your carrier office, your carrier only needs to scan them to accept the shipment as all of the information has already been transmitted electronically to the carrier at time of purchase. Since your address, your buyer's address, and your item info are all on US Audio Mart it is easy to generate and print shipping labels right on the site and save yourself the hassle of filling out paperwork at your carrier office.

To make international shipments easier, US Audio Mart will auto generate a fully ready Customs Declaration form so you don't have to fill one out manually.

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How do I buy a Shipping Label on US Audio Mart?

You can buy Shipping Labels from multiple locations:

  • When looking at your own ad, click "Purchase Shipping Label"
  • When looking at the "My Ads" page, any ads that have a dropdown arrow will allow you to open up a menu of options including "Calculate Shipping" which will let you calculate shipping and print a label.
  • If there is no classified ad, you can create a shipping label here.
    • Note: we recommend you print labels from an actual classified ad that you create. This will tie everything together and make it more convenient for you by prefilling fields.

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How can I save time by using Shipping Labels and Invoices on US Audio Mart?

When listing your item on US Audio Mart include your item's shipping weight and shipping dimensions. This allows potential buyers to calculate shipping cost right from your ad. When you have a solid buyer, use our Invoice System to invoice your buyer. When your buyer pays for your item, we mark the invoice as paid, and ask for their shipping address. You can then create a Shipping Label from the invoice or from your ad and we will auto populate the shipment with your item weight, dimensions, and shipping origin and destination addresses.

International shipments will ask for customs information which we'll use to auto generate a customs declaration form for you.

Once you pay for your label we update your invoice with your Tracking Number and email your customer to let them know the shipment has been created.

The last steps are easy: pack your item securely, and attach the Shipping Label, (and Customs Declaration for International Shipments) and drop the item off at your local carrier office.

You will always have access to your past invoices, hipping labels, and customs declaration in case you need them by visitng your Billing History page.

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How does the shipping insurance work?

Please read this carefully and fully or you may not be able to make an insurance claim. You are responsible for making sure your items and packaging are covered by the insurance you are purchasing. US Audio Mart is not responsible for any lost or damaged items claims being rejected due to failure to read and follow the policy information here and on Easypost's site.

Shipping insurance purchased through US Audio Mart is provided by EasyPost (not the shipping carrier) and is charged at about 1% of the item's insured value. It covers lost shipments and damage. EasyPost is a shipping services provider based out of San Franscisco, California.

Be sure to read the fine print on Shipping Insurance to understand what it does and does not cover, as you are responsible for making sure your items and packaging are covered by insurance. Insurance claims for damage must be sent to EasyPost and completed within 30 days of a shipping label being purchased - this is inclusive of the time needed to potentially get a repair quote from an authorized repair shop. Any claims for lost packages must be made between 30 to 60 of the shipping label bring printed. Read our details on making a claim before you buy your label and before you ship, and read our important steps for shipping BEFORE you ship your item.

The amount assessed in insurance claims will be paid to you once EasyPost completes its assessment and issues payment - the final amount you receive will be the amount assessed by EasyPost up to a maximum of the insured amount, minus any costs incurred during the claim process including any costs incurred by US Audio Mart and any charges by carriers to return the item to EasyPost, to you. It is important not to allow the carrier to take possession of any damaged items as they will charge additional fees to return it.

Important Steps for Shipping:

As the shipper, you need to make sure you provide an invoice for your customer. You should also take pictures of the item before packaging, and take pictures of its packaging. Keep a copy of your shipping label, your shipping invoice, your tracking number, and your invoice to your buyer in case you need to make an insurance claim.

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How do I make a Shipping Insurance Claim:

In the event of lost or damaged items insured through a label purchased on our site, do not try to make your claim with the carrier, contact US Audio Mart immediately.

In the event you need to make a claim for a lost or damaged package, you need to provide the following information and contact US Audio Mart. US Audio Mart will then initiate the insurance claim on your behalf.

You must act quickly, so read the below and contact US Audio Mart as soon as you know the package was damaged or suspect it was lost.

  1. Complete our Insurance Claim Form, this is the critical first step
  2. We will respond to this claim request to ask for details, please prepare the following:
    1. An Email from your customer stating the package was damaged / not received (with FULL customer name)
    2. The invoice for your sale, including buyer and seller full names and addresses.
    3. Photos of any damage to the product and to the packaging if this is a damaged shipment
  3. We will submit a claim to EasyPost on your behalf.

Damaged Items:

Damaged items must not be shipped back to the shipper. Keep it at the buyer's location and do not let the carrier take the item back. If the item is taken away by the carrier and then is lost by them, then your claim may be invalid. Damaged items claims must be made and completed within 30 days of purchase of the Shipping Label. That's the date in which you paid for the label, not the date it was shipped or arrived at it's destination. EasyPost may require that the item be shipped to them or be assessed by an brand authorized repair center in order to supply a repair quote before they complete your insurance claim. Because of all these factors, it is crucial that you contact US Audio Mart immediately upon discovery of damage and provide all the required information to us as quickly as possible so we can start a claim.

Lost items:

Lost items claims must be made between 30 and 60 days from the time a Shipping Label was printed.

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What to do after I purchase the shipping label?

After you purchase a shipping label on US Audio Mart, you will receive a generated label image with a barcode on it. Print this label out from your printer. Affix it to your package and drop off the package at your nearest carrier office.

If you are making an international shipment, US Audio Mart will provide a Customs Form or "Commercial Invoice" for your convenience so you have no need to make one nyourself. Print out the form, and bring with you to the carrier office.

Eg, if you purchase a Fedex label on the site, print the generated label and use clear tape or a shipping label envelope and stick the label to your package. We generally also write down the shipping destination using a thick marker right on the cardboard box. If you are shipping outside of your country you may want to include a "packing slip" which lists the items in the box and their declared value. Take the package and drop it off at the nearest Fedex office or dropoff point. You will do the same with any other label except drop it off at the respective carrier. Make sure the office scans the barcode and OKs everything before you leave.

Reprinting Labels and Forms

If you ever need to find or reprint a purchased label and its associated customs form, go to your profile and click on the "My Billing History" tab to see a history of every label you've purchased on US Audio Mart

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Can I set different shipping rates to different parts of the US? (Contiguous USA, Hawaii, and Alaska)

Yes. We allow sellers to list a flat rate shipping price for the entire US, or a separate flat rate shipping for the lower 48 contiguous states, Hawaii, and/or Alaska.

To set the flat rate shipping prices in your ad, you must enable Buy It Now or be posting an Auction. Look in the shipping options for the "Different prices for Contiguous USA, Alaska and Hawaii" checkbox which will open a new set of options to allow setting an individual shipping rate for the entire Lower 48 States, Alaska, and Hawaii separately.

Note: The Contiguous United States consists of the 48 adjoining U.S. states. The term excludes the non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii. If you elect to set the same shipping price to the Lower 48 states AND Alaska we will list your item as shipping to the Continential USA.

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Who qualifies as a Dealer?

A Dealer is anyone who buys and sells for non-personal reasons. This includes businesses and distributors.

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I'm a Business/Dealer, can I sell my items on US Audio Mart?

We have "Commercial" or "Dealer Accounts" that allow for Dealer Ads from businesses. You can acquire these through 2 ways:

  • Directly purchase a Dealer Account
  • Become an advertiser on US Audio Mart, and receive a FREE Dealer Account with advertisement purchase. This doubles your exposure on US Audio Mart!
Dealers may post classifieds labeled as "DEALER ADS" only if such items are on clearance, on special, on sale, are trade in items, or otherwise have a special offer. No retail priced items allowed.

If you wish to advertise on US Audio Mart and receive a FREE Dealer Account, you are welcome to contact us at sales@canuckaudiomart.com to see about rates, they are extremely reasonable. Businesses that do not have Dealer Accounts or that are not advertisers are NOT allowed to post classifieds. This site is for personal sales of items only.

Please see our Dealer Account page for more information.

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How can I advertise on US Audio Mart?

Click here for our rates. There are a variety of options, different banner types and advertising lengths you may choose from and we are always flexible with anything you have in mind. Please contact sales@canuckaudiomart.com for more information.

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How do I indicate what brands I sell?

Dealers can indicate on their USAM profile what brands they represent or sell. This is done in the edit profile page where dealers can search for and select the brands by clicking on them. When Dealers select what brands they sell, their information will be displayed in the brand page of the selected brands and in their dealer profile page. When members enter a brand name as a search term, dealer information will also be displayed under search results.

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How can I list an item on sale if my Dealer contracts disallow me from listing prices on the internet?

Dealers and Commercial users with new or demo items for sale on USAM must abide by our policy to list only items that are on clearance, on special, on sale, are trade in items, or otherwise have a special offer. No retail priced items allowed. If you have contractual obligations that disallow you from posting sale prices online, you can leave the price as something closer to the MSRP and indicate in the Classified ad title and in the description that the item is on sale or clearance.

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Who qualifies as a Premium User?

Any user can upgrade their account to a Premium User account (you can upgrade by clicking the "Go Premium" link at the bottom of the screen when you are logged in). A Premium user is someone who supports US Audio Mart with a subscription but also receives some recognition and thanks for that support. Premium users also higher or unlimited monthly and yearly posting limits. Please click here for info on our Premium and Premium+ user account.

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My ad expired and my product was not sold. If I re-list the ad, will it count as another classified listing?

Yes, relisting an ad counts as a classified posting for the month in which it is relisted, however, we encourage you to relist ads instead of placing new ones. It saves you time, does not count towards your yearly limit, and it also increases the chance that someone finds your ads through links such as Google searches.

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Why do I have to pay even though I am using US Audio Mart for personal use and I am not a Dealer?

US Audio Mart is free for all casual users who only need to sell a few items a year. Users who post more than their monthly or yearly limits are higher volume users. We ask that all such users help support the site. This is not about whether you make a living selling audio, it is purely that we ask all users to support the site if they sell or trade more items than a casual user.

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How do I send payment?

For users who need to pay for services, we accept PayPal, Credit Card, Money Order and Cheque.

Send payment using cheques and money order

Cheques and Money Order can be mailed to our address, also found in your invoice. Please make sure to make all payments to Canuck Digital Media Inc:

Payments to:
Canuck Digital Media Inc
P.O. Box 27531
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4M4

Send payment using Interac e-Transfer

Interac e-Transfer is a simple, and nearly instant alternative that lets you log into your bank account online and send money via our email. Paying by Interac is easy, secure, costs you only $1.50 (cheaper than Paypal), and is the fastest way to pay for services. Our payee address is sales@canuckaudiomart.com (please make Interac e-Tranfer to Canuck Digital Media Inc and send us the security answer for deposit, or we will not be able to receive your payment properly).

To pay using Interac e-Transfer, log into your bank account and look for instructions. Learn more about e-Transfer here.

Send payment using PayPal

PayPal is a simple, instant and secure payment method that allows you make payment with your bank account, credit cards (Visa/Master Card) or even your PayPal balance.

To pay using PayPal, visit the My subscription page and make payments from there. Please Note: Using PayPal, will add 4% as the PayPal fee to your total payment.

DO NOT SEND PAYPAL PAYMENTS DIRECTLY. It will NOT be correctly credited to your account and the amount will NOT be refunded.

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How can I view/pay for invoice of classified?

You can view your invoices in My Purchases.

You will be able to download a PDF version of the invoice, which is also attached to your email notification.

If the seller allow PayPal / Credit Card Payment, you will see a button "Pay by PayPal" or "Pay by Credit Card". If the seller do not have PayPal or Credit Card connected, you will have to contact the seller about what payment method he/she preferred.

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Can I list an audio or hifi related service on US Audio Mart?

US Audio Mart does offer a "Services" section where you can list hifi services like custom builds, repairs, and installs. This is a paid feature on US Audio Mart. To buy a Service Ad, go to the Services section in the classifieds and click "Place a Service Ad".

A Service Ad has several special features that distinguish it from a regular classified:

  • Service Ads stay active an entire year and do not expire in that year.
  • Service Ads have their own public Feedback score. Your customers can rate your service and your total feedback for the service will be displayed in the Service listing, so the more ratings you get the better your reputation on the site.
  • Service Ads are automatically Highlighted.
  • Service Ads will also show up in up to 2 related hardware categories which you can select. For example, if you are offering repairs of Turntables and Amplifiers, you can select your Service Ad to show up in the Turntables and Amplifiers sections of the site.

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How can I get more attention to my Service Ad?

  • Make sure to use a succinct but descriptive title for your Service Ad.
  • Describe your service, your experience providing your service, and be detailed. Your Service Ad will likely rank very well on Google compared to if you list on a newspaper or smaller classified service so being descriptive is important.
  • Select up to 2 hardware categories (such as Speakers, or Amplifiers) related to your service so your ad shows up in those additional categories.
  • Always describe the area you will service and your availability
  • Upload photos of your past work.
  • Feel free to list your email address, phone number, and other contact points in case users do not wish to reach out to you via the Reply form.
  • Encourage customers to leave Feedback right on the Service Ad itself to create additional reputation on your ad.
  • You can pay to "Bump" your service ad to have it show up on the first page of listings again. We generally suggest a Service Ad might consider bumping once every 4-6 weeks or whenever you feel additional exposure will bring you more business
  • You can pay to "Feature" your service ad just like a regular ad. Featured Service ads will show on the homepage for a few days and be listed in our weekly newsletter.

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Can I list an auction on US Audio Mart?

US Audio Mart does offer an "Auction" feature where you can auction your audio equipment, CDs, Vinyls, and Blu-rays. This is a paid feature on US Audio Mart that charges a small upfront listing fee, and a 2% success fee if the item ends up being sold (the minimum success fee is $2).

Auctions will show up along side other classifieds on the homepage, when browsing all ads, or looking at a category, but they will show up near the top of all such lists as they begin to approach their auction deadlines.

Auctions can run for 3, 7, or 14 days. To encourage fast paced auctions, the up front listing fee is cheaper for short auctions with no reserve.

To buy an Auction Ad, click on 'Place an Ad' and select 'Auction' on the pop up window.

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Why are Auctions in Beta, and what does that mean?

The US Audio Mart Auction feature is brand new and was introduced as a Beta feature in May of 2017. The Auctions system is fully functional, and sellers and buyers can use it with confidence, but due to the complexity and feature rich nature of Auctions, there is a chance of bugs and unexpected or unanticipated behaviour. We are monitoring auctions carefully and fixing bugs as we encounter them.

The other reason why Auctions are considered a Beta feature is that the pricing of auctions at this time is tentatively based on our estimates of our costs to service and run auctions. When the Beta ends we may change fees associated with Auctions, so now is a great time to participate while the Beta fees are in place.

Despite the Beta status, there have been over 20 successful auctions on the site in the first 4 weeks since its launch. Note that sellers who initiate an Auction are committing to sell their item to the winning bidder at the winning bid price, and buyers are committing to buy at their bid prices. Please treat the Auctions as a serious commitment whether you are a buyer or seller during this Beta stage.

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How do I bid in auctions?
  1. Review the auction
  2. Click the 'Place Bid' button. (You will need to sign in)
  3. Enter your bid and max bid (optional), and then click 'Place bid'
  4. Be aware that if your bid is accepted as the current highest bid you should see this information when you refresh the auction listing.

When the auction ends, you will receive an email indicating whether you have won the item and an explanation of what to do next.

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What is a Bid and what is my commitment in Auctions?

Auctions differ from classifieds in that both seller and bidders are entering into an agreement with one another. The seller is making an agreement to sell the item to the highest bidder that satisfies their Reserve Price, if any. As the Buyer making a bid, you are making an offer to buy an auction product at that Bid price.

Auctions end after a preset amount of time (listed as Time Left or Time Remaining on the auction listing). If an Auction ends and you have the highest bid at the time of auction ending, then congratulations, you are the winner of the item!

Auction winners are expected to pay within 3 days of winning an action, and sellers are expected to ship within 3 days of receiving payment from the Buyer.

If the winner of an Auction does not pay within 3 days, or the seller does not ship within 3 days of receiving shipment, they will receive automatic negative feedback from the system.

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Can I increment my current bid?

Yes. Members can increase their current bid by using the 'Update my bid' button when looking at an auction.

Another option is to use the "Max Bid" automated bidding system to let US Audio Mart incrementally increase your bid for you, as necessary.

When you are outbid, US Audio Mart will automically bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid. We increase your bid by increments only as much as necessary to maintain your position as the highest bidder. Your maximum bid reflects the amount you are willing to pay for an item, but you could end up paying less.

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What is Automatic Bidding and the Max Bid setting?

Our max. bid (also called automatic bidding) system makes bidding convenient so members do not have to keep coming back to re-bid every time someone places another bid. This system automatically bids on your behalf up to your max bid setting.

How max bid works:

  • When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for the item. The seller and other bidders do not know your maximum bid.
  • We place bids on your behalf using the automatic bid increment amount, which is based on the current highest bid. We increase your bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the highest bidder, or to meet the reserve price, up to your maximum amount.
  • If another bidder places the same maximum bid or high, we notify you so you can place another bid. Your maximum bid is kept confidential.
  • In reserve price auctions, if your maximum bid is at least the reserve price, we automatically increase your bid to meet the reserve, and bidding will continue from there.

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What is the Bid History?

To keep certain info private, we limit how bid history information is displayed. Each bidder is assigned an anonymous name, ie. bidder1, bidder2. All bidders' usernames are private at all times, but you can distinguish between different bidders by their anonymous names. You will also note that in the Bid History there are certain bids which are placed by the auto bid system, this is indicated with a special icon and such bids can be hidden from view.

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What is a Reserve Price and How Does It Work?

The Reserve Price in an Auction is an optional paid feature that lets sellers list a minimum value at which they will sell an item at Auction. The Reserve Price is useful for sellers who must sell at a minium price but still want to run an Auction to get the best offer possible for their item

The Reserve Price is never shown to bidders or to the public, only the seller knows the Reserve and you should not ask the Seller, nor should the Seller disclose the Reserve price.

Once an Auction's Reserve Price is met all Auction participants and watchers will be notified by email that the Reserve has been met and when the Auction ends the highest bidder is automatically awarded as the Winner of the Auction.

Auctions that end with no bids above the Reserve Price will end Unsold. Unsold auctions can be relisted for another listing fee.

The advantage of having a No Reserve auction is that bidders are confident they can get an item as long as they are the highest bidder, which often encourages more bidders to participate and more people to watch an Auction. To encourage No Reserve auctions US Audio Mart charges a lower fee for Auctions with No Reserve.

Note that Reserve Prices can be lowered by the seller at any time. This can result in an auction that would normally end with No Winner to one that might have Reserve Met right away. Sellers should consider lowering their Reserve if the auction is about to end and the highest bidder is already at a price that the seller is comfortable with.

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What is the Buy It Now price in Auctions and What Happens if Bids Go Higher than this BIN price?

The Buy It Now price in Auctions is an optional Auction feature which sellers can set. This is the price that the seller is offering to allow any buyer to immediately end the auction by paying this price (plus any Shipping). The final price in a Buy It Now Auction is the BIN price plus the Shipping as shown in the "Shipping Cost" section of the auction listing.

In order to use Buy It Now you must be a registered member of the site, and you must pay immediately. Just click "Buy It Now", fill in the purchase form, and pay the price and the Auction will automatically end with you as the winner.

Bidders should watch the Bid price carefully in any auction with Buy It Now. If the Auction's highest bid is getting close to the "Buy It Now", a motivated buyer should consider ending the auction through Buy It Now. This is important because the Buy It Now price is valid only until the Bid Price reaches the BIN price, after that the "Buy It Now" is not offered anymore and the auction will go to the highest bidder.

Sellers can lower the "Buy It Now" price, or add a "Buy It Now" price at any time, but the price must always be higher than the current Highest Bid. Lowering or adding "Buy It Now" price will email all bidders and participants to let them know. Typically auctions end quickly once a Buy It Now price is added that is close to what buyers are willing to pay, and/or close to the current highest bid.

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Will I have to pay shipping or other costs on top of the winning bid amount?

The auction bid price you are offering is the price for the item only. Auctions will state in the section titled "Shipping Cost" what the cost will be for shipping to different countries. You should not assume that you can do a local pickup unless the auction says "Local pickup available" in the "Shipping Cost" section.

If your country is not listed, you should not bid on the auction, as the seller will not ship outside of the countries he has listed. If you win such an auction you may receive negative feedback for bidding on an item that won't ship to your country.

If an auction says "For Local Pickup Only" it means the seller is not willing to ship and you must pick up the item locally. You can ask a Question in the Auction to see whether the Seller is wiling to make an exceptionand ship to you, but note that the shipping cost will be separate from the auction bid amount.

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Can I do local pickup in an Auction or Buy It Now?

When creating an Auction or Buy It Now listing, sellers who want to offer local pickup will check off a "Allow Local Pickup" option. Listings that allow Local Pickup will say "Allow Local Pickup" in the Shipping Cost section of the listing.

Never assume you can do a local pickup unless you see the "Allow Local Pickup" in the Auction or Buy It Now listing, even if you live near the seller's location or shipping location.

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Will I have to pay taxes on the auction bid price?

You do not pay additional taxes on the auction bid price even when bidding on items from Commercial Users. The final price you pay on any auction is the Winning Bid plus shipping costs listed in the auction.

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How can I end an Auction early?

Once started, Auctions can only end via Buy It Now or when the total auction time has elapsed.

For Buyers who want to end Auction Early: Sometimes a motivated buyer wants to end an auction early, and can do so with the "Buy It Now" feature. If no "Buy It Now" price has been listed, as a Public Question in the auction to ask for a Buy It Now price to be added.

For Sellers who want to end Auction Early: Sometimes a seller is happy with his current highest Bid and would like to end an auction early. One way to achieve this is to add or lower your "Buy It Now" price to just above the current highest Bid - however, if anyone fails to use the "Buy It Now" prior to the Bid being increased above the BIN price, the BIN feature will be disabled again. Simply increase the BIN price again.

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What if someone "snipes" my auction bid?

To reduce the threat of sniping, any bids that occur in the very last couple of minutes of an auction will automatically extend the auction by 10 minutes. This can happen more than once if someone is bidding in the last moments of the auction even after each extension.

This automatic auction extension helps reduce the frustration of a surprise snipe, and gives all interested bidders a chance to bid their best and highest bid amounts. It also allows the auction to reach its natural market value by allowing the previous auction high bidder the option to beat whoever tried to snipe their auction item. However, this extension system does not completely negate sniping, so buyers should watch an auction carefully near the end of the auction.

Highly motivated bidders who are the current auction winner may also want to consider a "Max" bid that can auto bid on your behalf to avoid sniping.

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What happens if my Auction winner does not wish to proceed with the deal?

Bidders are making a commitment to buy the item being auctioned at the bid price plus any indicated shipping costs. If buyers do not pay for any reason, including wishing to back out of the commitment, then the protocols for a failed auction will take place:

  1. After 3 days from the end of an auction, the seller is issued an invoice by US Audio Mart
  2. If the buyer has not paid or the buyer has indicated they will not pay, the seller can dispute the invoice by clicking on the Dispute button when looking at the Auction Closing Fee reminder screens or in their Billing page.
  3. The buyer will be issued a "last chance" email letting them know they have 24 hours to pay or they will be issued Negative Feedback for reneging on an Auction
  4. If the 24hours elapse without payment, the buyer is issued a Negative Feedback on his account

If your auction ended with a winner who does not complete the transaction, your auction may be relisted free of charge within 30 days of the original end of the auction. Typically this means you must relist within around 26 days after the entire failed auction protocol has taken place (3 days for the original buyer to pay, and 24 hours for the final warning ). The auction closing fee also does not apply since the auction never fully completed.

US Audio Mart does not currently allow the 2nd highest bidder to win the auction. When the auction is relisted, all previous bidders will be notified by email and they can bid once again to win the item on the relist.

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My Auction has Ended with No Winner Due to my Reserve Price, can I select a Winner from my bidders?

US Audio Mart does not allow the seller of an unsuccessful auction to select a winner from amongst the bidders of the auction, therefore, as an auction nears its end, sellers who wish to secure a buyer should consider lowering their Reserve Price to ensure a successful auction. We encourage sellers to watch their auction closely to avoid "narrow misses" where the highest Bid price falls short by just a few dollars (we've seen auctions end within $10 of a Reserve price)

If an Auction does end without the Reserve Price being met, sellers can relist the auction with a lower reserve. We recommend you state in your auction title "New Lower Reserve" as part of the title. Know that if you relist an auction, make sure to use the "relist" function: all participants will receive a notification that your item has been relisted. Auction listing fees apply to Auction relists.

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Can I relist my Auction or Invite Bidders to Auction again?

Auctions that end unsold can be relisted again. Make sure to use the "relist" feature in the auction, as this will inform all participants of the auction that the item has been relisted. This will include all former bidders, watchers, and anyone who asked any questions.

We recommend that you enter a lower Reserve Price or No Reserve on your relist, if you do so it will inform all participants that the relist has a lower reserve (or no reserve).

Auction listing fees apply for Auction relists.

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Do Auctions count towards my free or paid daily/monthly/yearly post limits?

Auctions do not count towards your daily, monthly and yearly classifieds post limits.

Instead, Auctions have their own limit system: each seller can only have 2 active auctions running at the same time.

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Can I charge taxes in Auctions?

Commercial sellers using Auctions cannot currently add additional sales tax on top of the winning bid price. The total cost of the Auction and the amount that a Seller is committing to collect in total is the winning bid price plus listed Shipping Costs (if any).

If you are a Commercial seller who must assess tax on an Auction, you must deduct it yourself from the total funds received in the Auction when doing your accounting.

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What are some tips for running a successful Auction?

Auctions have been hugely successful on US Audio Mart and most end SOLD. Here are some tips for sellers on how to run a successful Auction:

  • Name your item in the caption, and if you have no reserve or a low reserve add that to the title. Eg "ABC Amplifier in Excellent Condition - Low Reserve"
  • Set your initial bid price low to encourage early bidders or watchers. Auctions work best if people start bidding even if the initial bids are not the final price you wish to sell for. Remember, once someone bids or watches an Auction, they will receive email alerts on the Auction's condition and status, including when the Reserve is Met, if you add or lower your "Buy It Now" price, and if the Auction is ending soon. If you wish to make sure you sell the item at a minimum price, use a Reserve Price instead of setting a high initial bid.
  • Include a detailed description including details on the condition of the item and how you will package or ship it.
  • Include good, clear and recently taken photos of the actual item in your possession. Take photos of the front and rear.
  • No Reserve auctions get a lot of attention, but if you set a Reserve you can always lower it later.
  • Watch your auction closely, and answer any Public Questions quickly. Questions and Answers are emailed to all bidders and watchers.
  • As your Auction nears the end, follow your auction closely. If the auction time is running out and no one has met your reserve price yet, you can consider lowering the reserve to ensure someone will win the Auction. Remember, auctions that end with no winner, even if the highest bid is within just $5 of the Reserve, will end Unsold, and you will have to relist your auction and pay the listing fee again.

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When can I use the PM system in the forums?

As a security and anti-spam feature, our forums do not allow newly registered members to use the PM system. However, after posting more than 2 forum posts, you will become a regular registered member, who can make good use of our PM system.

This PM minimum is not in any way an attempt to limit communication between members, it is intended to reduce spam in our PM system and keep it a healthy way to communicate between users. We have found that implementing this system has reduced PM spam significantly because spammers do not have the chance to post enough forum posts in order to start sending PMs.

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What is the PM "Outbox" and why are my messages not showing up as Sent?

The PM system is not our own design, it is an off the shelf part of our forum software. One part of the PM system that confuses many users is the "Outbox" and the "Sent" box. When you first send a PM it is immediately available to be read by the recipient(s), yet it shows up in your Outbox instead of your Sent box. Emails in your Outbox are already sent to the recipient, however, they remain in the Outbox until the recipient reads it.

Unfortunately, this is not an intuitive concept and confuses many members. Rest assured that when you send a PM the recipient can read it right away and whether you see it in the Outbox or Sent box the PM is available to be read immediately.

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